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Welcome to Lingualive

The site of the Faculty of Modern Foreign Languages @ Craigmount High School, Edinburgh.

Head Teacher: Mr Tom Rae | Acting Curriculum Leader: Caroline Cunningham| Address: Craigs Road, Edinburgh EH12 8NH | Telephone: 0131 339 6823


At Craigmount we currently teach French or German from first to sixth year; Spanish is available from S2 to S6.

Students arriving in first year normally study the language which they started (French or German) in Primary. We have close links with all our associated primary schools.

All students will study their first foreign language in the Broad General Education until the end of S3.

In S4 pupils can opt to work towards National 4 or National 5 in their chosen language.

Pupils who are part of the JET programme in senior school also have the opportunity to achieve a Languages for Life & Work award in at least one other language.

In S5 and S6 all students have the opportunity to study a foreign language at the level of their choosing with Advanced Higher being offered in S6. In S5 they can study at Nat. 4, Nat. 5 or Higher level.

There are entry requirements for each level: to study at National 5level the student would normally have achieved a pass at National 4 level; to study at Higher level the student would have achieved a Grade A-C at National 5 level; to continue studies to Advanced Higher the student should have achieved a minimum of a B pass at Higher or its equivalent.

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Study support available for senior students of German as follows:

Nat 5, Higher and Advanced Higher German - Tuesday 24 May and Tuesday 31 May